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Global Advertising PlatformECOSYSTEM

Dream a holistic advertising platform which provides affective solutions for online advertising ecosystem to minimize costs on buyer and seller sides. As well as working on blockchain and has distributed infrastructure. Glad provides all of them.

GLAD Ecosystem





Get your distributed, blockchain based full-stack DSP platform.

Glad offers to all buyers a full-stack DSP platform which is working with glad token. Get your own DSP platform and make your programmatic media buying on blockchain.

Advertisers, Media Agencies and Trade desks are brought together in a common solution. By this way, we are removing all comission fees between them.

Instead of being a threat for Media Agencies and Trade desks in programmatic advertising ecosystem, we offer them a full-stack DSP platform, which is providing transparency and cost advantage as well, to reach qualified inventory.

For Advertisers

For Advertisers

If you are an advertiser who is making high volume media buying, don’t work with any middlemen. Get your own DSP platform and reach publishers directly by creating advanced campaigns.

For Advertisers

For Media Agencies

If you are an agency managing your customers’ campaigns, get your own DSP platform, minimize your costs and reach SSPs and publishers directly.

For Advertisers

For Trade Desks

If you are a trade desk who is making all purchases from different DSP platforms, get your own DSP to reach millions of publishers and Different SSPs directly.

Fraud Detections

With Distributed DSP platform pay only real impressions. Glad makes sure to deliver the ads to real people with fraud detection algorithm.

Real-Time Reporting

DSP provides its users with very enhanced, detailed real-time reporting. These reports include info like target, CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille), conversion and budget.

Maximum Benefit with RTB

RTB is the basis of GLAD programmatic ad purchases. RTB (Real Time Bidding) infrastructure and integration provides advertisers an open bidding process where offers and ad spaces are evaluated in real time and the best offer wins the bid and the ad is published. Offer optimization, target selection, price adjustments are very important and should be studied very carefully. GLAD provides the best algorithms and system to get maximum bid performance.

Worldwide Access

Integration with SSPs are very crucial to reach highest possible inventory worldwide. GLAD will be integrated with hundreds of SSPs.

Ease of Use

Performance Control - Tracking All campaigns on a Single Page

Performance Control - Tracking All Campaigns on a Single Page

Distributed DSP has very enhanced tools which makes it a very user-friendly platform. On a single page, user can see and update all campaigns and all details like clicks, cos; information about SSP, website, URL, cost per website etc. This enables advertisers to monitor campaign performance.

Advertising on All Platforms

Targeting all platforms

GLAD works on all channels like Web, Mobile and App platforms.

Advanced Inventory Targeting Options

Inventory targeting is the most crucial point for online advertising. So we are providing advanced tools to target inventory to publish ads.

Inventory List Targeting

Distributed DSP has a mechanism of whitelist/blacklist for websites which makes possible to block unwanted websites.

Website Targeting

Advertisers can identify websites for their Online advertising campaigns and target tese sites one by one.

Application Targeting

Distributed DSP offer opportunity to define application and application category targets for IOS and android platforms.

Page Vertical Targeting

Advertisers can define page verticals to publish their ads and target inventory based on page categories.

URL Rules

Distributed DSP users can even target sub-URLs of a website and words in those URL names to target more precisely.

Interest Based Targeting / Audience Targeting

Reach right audience at the right time by using interest based targeting. Find people who are really interested in your advertisement, product or your message on your ads with advanced audience targeting.

Advanced Targeting Options

Distributed DSP is equipped with several advanced targeting options which make GLAD unique in its class. Below are the details of those advanced options.

Geographic Targeting

Target county, region, city and district to publish your ads.

Frequency Capping

Set frequency cap to block showing your ads again and again to same visitor.

CTR Targeting

Advertisers can target spesific ad spaces according to CTR value. They can stop publishing ads on low CRT ad spaces.

Time Targeting

Distributed DSP allows users to define spesific date and time range to publish their ads.

Ad Position Targeting

Advertisers can define the position of Ad to be displayed in a page.

Keyword Targeting

Distributed DSP allows users to define and target keywords that are included in a page.

Contextual Targeting

Advertisers can publish ads on the page which has related content with their ads.

Hyperlocal Targeting

DSP users can de ne coordinates and neighborhood to be targeted for their ads. This feature is very innovative and useful feature among all other targeting options.

Technical Targeting

DSP offer technical technical targeting options like Operating systems, browser types, device types, languages, display resolution, connection speed to make your technical plan for you ads.

OS Targeting

Users can target visiter who use targeted operating system or they can exclude them.

Conversion Tracking and Targeting Algorithm

Distributed has an advanced conversion tracking and targeting algorithms which enable users to identify ad platforms with high conversion rates by checking lead and installs and to target those platforms for upcoming ad campaigns. As a result, the campaigns created with previous conversion rates, become more effective and successful.

Visitor Segmentation and Retargeting

Advertisers can use Tracking Pixel and Data Pixel tools to segment their visitors and to collect their own data to use in the following campaigns. Those data can be used for retargeting of old visitors. Retargeting is known to be a very powerful method of Online Ad process. GLAD aims to create dynamic retargeting feature which will leverage power of retargeting.

Browser Targeting

Advertisers can target visitors who use different browsers and browsers version..Forexample they can create campaigns for only chrome users or they can exclude them.

Decive Targeting (Brand & Model)

Users can create campaign according to devices and device modesl so they can reach targeted device owners.

Screen Resolution Targeting

With resolution targeting DSP users can reach visitors who use different screen resolutions.

Browser Language Targeting

Users can target visitors who use different languages on browsers.

CSP (Communiation Service Provider) Targeting

Userc can target GSM opertors all around the world to publish their campaigns.





DMP is a system designed to collect and manage lots of data and define customers and potential customers in real time.

Glad offers to advertisers, media agencies and trade desks a distributed DMP platform to create their own audience for online advertising campaigns from their websites. Glad DMP will be integrated with our DSP platform. By this way created audiences on DMP will be enable to use on DSP platform easily.

This is so easy !

  1. Get your pixel and add to your website
  2. Create your audience/data segments
  3. Use the auidence on your programmatic media buying.





Manage your inventory with decentralized SSP platform.

We offer SSP platform built on RTB infrastructure with blockchain, which you can manage your inventory. Reach advertisers directly and generate revenue depending on your imressions. Create rules with advertisers for your inventory. Deal directly with advertisers with no middlemen so minimize your costs.

For Publishers

For Publishers

If you have websites which have high traffic get your own blockchain based SSP, manage your inventory and achieve revenue as glad tokens by publishing advertisements directly with no intermediary. Use the platform with your brand name and logo.

For Ad Networks

For Ad Networks

If you are an adnetwork which have inventory from different pu blishers, get your own SSP platform reach buyers directly and manage all inventory with blockchain. Create different rules as you want and get start earning Glad tokens.

What we offer with full-stack SSP platform

Multichannel infrastructure

Distributed SSP offers multichannel infrastructure so publishers can publish ads on their web, mobile and in-app inventory.

Revenue Management

SSP provides detailed revenue tracking for your web sites or ad spaces and fast optimizations according to performance.


Publishers an ad networks gel full trancparency to monitor performance of their inventory and revenues.

DSP Integrations

With the SSP platform Glad allows publishers to publish ads from different DSP platforms.

User Friendly Interface

With easy steps, distributed SSP allows quickly perform inventory planning operations such as adding site, ad space, creating rules for your inventory and tracking on single interface.

Preferred Deals/ Private Marketplace

With deals we provide you to allow you to publish ads on your inventory at a fixed price and make profitable deals for high performing ad space with advertisers or advertising agencies.


SSP provides you to create rules that allow you to get the most revenue from your inventory, such as price rules, category targeting, or advertiser blocking.

Price Rules

Set the floor price for the ad spaces in your inventory and ensure that ads under this price do not run.

Blocking Rules

With blocking rules publishers will have an option to accept or decline bids from advertisers. They have full control over what ads appear on their site.

Category Identification

Ensure to publish ads that in the category you want in the ad space.

Video Ad Rules

Publishers can create rules for their ads for video inventory, such as ad skips, ad duration and ad position.

Rules for countries

SSP users can define rules for different country. They can use pricing rules, blocking rules for visitors from different country.

Rules for OS

SSP users can create rules for different operating systems.

Rules for device category

Users can create rules for different category of devices.

Rules for ad sizes

SSP users can create rules for different ad sizes.

Flexible sizes

SSP offers flexible sizes setting for ad spaces so users can set width and height percents of ads to publish on the ad space

Ad types and backup ads rule

Users can set the ad types and backup ads to publish on their display, video and in-app inventory.


Monetize your data with distributed, blockchain based DMP platform

Glad offers to publishers and adnetworks a full-stack DMP platform to collect, manage and monetiza data from their inventory. They can create audience segments based on their data sets like interests, and the topics and sections that your visitors are interested in.

Publishes and adnetworks can set price for their data segments and sell them to advertisers on Glad DMP. They can monitor revenue from data in real time and they can block advertisers who they dont want to sell data segments.

  1. Get your pixel and add into website/websites
  2. Create your data segments
  3. Set the price and sell them
  4. Monitor revenue from your data.
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